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Business-owner and micro-greens farmer Erin Cleary started Vibrant Greens two and a half years ago, born out of a passion for growing things, local food, and small-scale, sustainable food systems. Started in a small 6 by 8 foot greenhouse in a backyard in NE Portland's Cully neighborhood, Vibrant Greens has found a new, larger home on the homestead of the business owner and her partner Sean, in Kelso WA, just 45 minutes outside Portland. Vibrant Greens grows micro-greens to-order, custom for the chefs ordering them. Our micro-greens are sold both as living trays, and harvested, in clam shells. We work directly with the chefs we serve to make sure that we are growing the product exactly as you want it. If you don't see a variety that you would like, let us know! We are always interested in growing new micro-greens!

100% Naturally Grown

Vibrant Greens sources the highest quality seeds and soil our region has to offer, always choosing organic when possible. Sustainability and healthfulness are our guiding principles; we do not use any pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals of any kind in our grow process, ensuring you get the cleanest possible product. We also water our greens from below, allowing us to use as little water as possible, and grow a superior product.



Mustard, Scarlet Frills

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Meet the Micro-Farmer

Born and raised in Portland OR, Erin grew up exploring and falling in love with the Pacific NW through countless off-trail camping trips, beach excursions, and long road trips across Oregon and Washington. It's no surprise that this nature-centric upbringing instilled in Erin a true passion for nature. By the time she graduated high school she was sure that whatever her professional future had in store, it would definitely involve sustainability and the environment. Erin began college at Portland State University in their Environmental Science program, where she quickly learned about permaculture; a design science that looks to nature as the teacher, with the goal of creating self-sustaining human settlements. Permaculture became Erin's passion, and she changed gears and got an Associates in Landscape Design, and an Associates in Environmental Landscape Management from Portland Community College. Erin's passion for self-sufficiency and sustainable food systems drove her to start Vibrant Greens over two years ago. Micro-greens are just the start for this small business, with the goal of developing a micro-farm for specialty produce with her partner Sean on their 2 acre homestead in Kelso WA. Specialty products to keep your eyes out for in the coming years include: heirloom tomatoes, salad green mixes, edible flowers, mushrooms, and more!

Shiso, Britton

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"The new pickle."

— Postprandial Magazine