Micro-Mustard (multiple varieties)

Micro-Mustard (multiple varieties)

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Mustard micro-greens have beautiful colors and textures, and of course, that classic spicy mustard flavor. I will work with you to choose the best variety for you, based on leaf appearance, and intensity of flavor desired. Great atop almost all dishes as a beautiful and flavorful garnish!

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Sizing: Product size determined by container it is grown in, not weight, because weight is so various between varieties. A small is a 10 in. X 10 in. tray, and a large is a 10 in. X 20 in. tray. 

Delivery: All product is delivered by business-owner Erin, or her partner Sean. Our current delivery day is Thursday, in the afternoons. I will work with you to determine what time in the afternoon is best. Delivery day may change based on customer need, and you will be notified either through text, call, or e-mail. 


*All orders are custom grown to order, and therefore will likely not be available the same week you order them. Micro-green varieties take anywhere from 1 - 3 weeks to grow, and so will not be delivered for between 1-3 weeks after order has been placed. I will be in touch via the communication method you specify to let you know when to expect your order, and to go over other details like the leaf size you prefer, variety specification, etc. We work closely with our customers to grow the micro-greens exactly the way you want them! 

*Product can either be delivered as living trays, or harvested in a clam shell. This is another option we will be in contact with you about. 

*This online store is largely for informational purposes, for chefs and other potential customers to be able to see the greens we have available, to learn about them, and get an idea of our prices. While you can choose to order through the online store, it is not necessary. Once you have an idea of what you would like please feel free to contact me by phone or by e-mail, and we can go over all these details and get your first order set up. If this is the way you wish to do things then payment would be due upon delivery (after your free sample of course!).

*Check, cash, and card all accepted. However, for card payments there is a $50 minimum, otherwise a $2 transaction fee will be added to your total, to cover card processing fees.

For questions about any of this please contact me at erin@vibrant-greens.com OR via a call or text to 503-313-2527. Thank you!